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NIH Rheumatology Training Program

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
Department of Health and Human Services

Faculty and Staff

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Program Clinical Staff

In addition to our faculty members, a dedicated staff of clinicians and clinical assistants support the activities of the program. The NIH does not have internal medicine residents. Consequently, we employ Nurse Practitioners to work closely with the fellows in clinical care activities. Research Nurse Specialists coordinate informed consent, visits, specialty care, advanced testing and research sample procurement for patients on active research protocols. Other staff assist with the preparation and revision of clinical research protocols. Monitoring and regulatory compliance for interventional clinical trials is handled by the sponsor or by contract staff. We also use a state-of-the-art clinical database developed at the NIH, termed the Clinical Trials Database (CTDB).

April Brundidge, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialists

Dawn Chapelle, CRNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Shaila Farooque
Protocol Support Assistant

Wendy Goodspeed, RN
Research Nurse Specialist

Eileen Lange, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialist

Elaine Novakovich, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialist

Isabel Ochoa-Navas, CNA
Medical Assistant, Community Health Clinic

Patricia O'Brien, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialist

Yani Ruiz Perdomo, C.R.N.P.
Nurse Practioner

Yinghui Shi
Clinical Sample Coordinator

Cheryl Talar-Williams, MPH, PA-C
Clinical Operations Manager

Yenealen Temesgen-Oyelakin, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialist

Maureen Wilburn
Patient Care Coordinator

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